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To Rent or To Buy a Koh Samui Property

When visiting a tourist magnet place such as Koh Samui in Thailand, among the first things you have to consider in each trip is your place to stay. The island has plenty of hotels and resorts where you can easily book a room or two for yourself and family or friends. However, there are instances where it will be more practical to rent or just pick a Koh Samui property to buy. Those who are on the island for an extended stay or would want more privacy can truly benefit by renting or purchasing a property in Samui.

When to Rent

Renting a private property on the island is opted by some because it does not involve a great deal amount of money—at least not as much as buying a house. While this might be the case, it only works for a short term stay but you may end up shelling up a lot more if it would be a long term stay.

Probably the best thing about renting a property is that it is only partially committal in a way that you only pay for the duration of your stay. Of course, this will vary depending on the contract you have signed for.

Renting an apartment or a private villa will work best for those who will be on the island for a number of months but would want to have a homier place where they can cook and have more privacy. It is also recommended for big groups of holiday goers as it is more practical and cheaper than booking multiple rooms at a hotel or resort for an extended period of time.

When to Buy a Property for Sale in Koh Samui

When it is obvious that you have fallen in love with the island and you see yourself either staying for good or visiting frequently, then it is recommended that you start looking for properties for sale in Koh Samui, Thailand. Having your own place in Samui will prove to be more beneficial in this case than renting.

Buying a property is also great if you are looking for means to make substantial money while in Samui. Because it is highly frequented by travelers, the demand for local real estate is higher than ever. Here you can be sure that you will have a market for your property.

You have to note though that purchasing a local property is a big commitment. Unlike renting, buying will entail you to shell out a huge amount of money and will require you to attend to lots of paper works and legalities. It also means a longer process than just opting for a property rental.

Choosing a place to stay in Koh Samui will require you to consider a number of options. The decision whether to rent or to buy will be influenced by a number of factors. In the end however, the most important thing is to choose what’s best for you.