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What You Need to Know before Setting up Your Holiday Home for Sale

Having a property on the island of Samui can be really beneficial. Among the perks of owning a residential place for example, is having a place to stay no matter what time or day you decide to come to the island. Another perk is that you can set up the place for rent or for sale. Because of the demand for accommodations and events venue, many are on the lookout for Koh Samui property to buy. If you are interested in selling your Samui vacation home since you no longer use it anymore or because you specifically bought it for that specific purpose, there are ways in which you can speed up closing a sale. Here are some tips.

Set up professional looking online ads.

Create visibility for your Koh Samui property by posting ads online. For an even greater appeal, you may want to consider having a website made especially for showcasing the property you intend to sell. The bulk of people who are looking for a residential property will look online, so it is important that you have web ads available.

Give out brochures.

If you are selling out a luxury property, you can increase its appeal by sending out professionally made brochures. Giving out something concrete to look at again and again will capture the interest of those who haven’t actually considered buying a Samui home yet but have the slightest interest in owning one.

Take professional photos.

Pictures convey a thousand of words. Don’t show crappy looking pictures with poor lighting and bad angle. The key to easily sell your holiday home is to showcase it in the best light as possible. Hire a professional photographer to take the shots to be used for the house’s portfolio. Remember that the choice of lighting can make or break the look of your house for sale.

Create a feeling of home.

When you schedule a viewing, add personal touches such as fresh flowers, homemade candies, and scented candles to evoke a feeling of home. The more the prospective buyers see the property as a home, the easier the sale will be. Also, the smell of freshly baked cookies is something that you can use to lure potential buyers.

Plan an open house party.

An open house party is a great idea to maximize the number of views the house gets. Set up a party and make it fun and memorable.

Readjust your price.

Sometimes a little adjustment in the price can make you easily dispose your property for sale in Samui. If the property has been set up for sale for a long time and nobody is buying it, there may be something wrong with your pricing. Try lowering it a bit and see if there’s an increase in the number of queries you get.

Choose colors wisely.

Colors have the ability to affect one’s mood. Neutral earth tones like brown, camel, and cinnamon evoke comfort. White brightens up the room and can emphasize the size of the place. If you will be repainting your property, make sure that you choose calming muted colors.